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Helping you attract dream clients & grow your online business with authentic content, a profitable offer suite & intentional marketing strategies.

Align to Attract


Where Strategy Meets Intention

Align to Attract Academy is a 12-week group AND 1:1 program that combines the power of mindset and marketing strategies to help women entrepreneurs show up confidently in the online space, build and nurture a strong community and make effortless sales in their business.  If you're ready to create real transformation within your business & yourself... this is the place to be. Welcome to the next version of YOU.

say less, i'm in!

Using my 7 years of digital marketing experience, I have helped over 50 women fall back in love with their business, gain the confidence to show up as a leader online & attract dream clients into their world.

But, it hasn't always been sunshine and rainbows. Let me tell you a quick story...
In 2021, I felt absolutely drained in my business. I wasn't excited to create content. I wasn't clear on my niche or offer suite. And inquiries were non-existent. I had my lowest income months and my mindset was strugglin', to say the least. I convinced myself that entrepreneurship wasn't for me and started applying for corporate jobs (sigh). Then, something clicked. I wasn't going ALL-IN for my business. I wasn't operating like a CEO; I was operating my business like it was a hobby. Something had to change.

So what did I do? I INVESTED in a trusted mentor who had walked a similar path as me.


I gained clarity. I refined my offer suite. I identified a niche that lit me up. I implemented visibility strategies and grew my community by 50%. I became the CEO.

And I am here to help you do the same. I know how you're feeling right now. I created this program because it is EXACTLY what I wish I had in 2021.

I'm a Brand + Marketing Mentor, Content Strategist & the CEO of Authentically Kay. I started my business as a social media manager in November 2020 while I was working my 9-5. Within 1 month of launching my business, I secured my first client - and within 3 months, I quit my corporate job (sounds crazy, I know!) After 1 year of being an SMM, I realized that mentorship was where I thrived, so I pivoted into coaching. Fast forward to 2023 - it is my absolute passion to guide women entrepreneurs, just like you, along a similar journey.

a.k.a your newest hype woman

Hey sis, I’m Kayla 

You're here because...

You're an online service provider who is tired of playing small, second-guessing every move, and feeling unsure about the future of your business

You have so many ideas that you want to execute in your business, but you have no idea how to start any of them (hello, analysis paralysis)

Creating content feels *blah*. You don't know what to say, how often to post, and you feel more drained than creative lately 

You're not sure if your messaging is resonating with your ideal clients because when you sell your offers, you get *crickets*

You struggle consistently with imposter syndrome, comparison, and falling into the "she has it all" trap on Instagram

Deep down, you know you're capable of building your dream business. All you need is strategy, support & accountability. 

You crave community - you know that putting yourself in the same room as other WOC entrepreneurs is powerful and transformative

You understand that mindset work is an essential part of entrepreneurship (around here, we prioritize self-care and nourishment)

Nikkei L.

Before I joined Align to Attract Academy I was confused on my messaging, with no new consultations or inquiries after 8 months of "marketing", and very doubtful on if this business was right for me. After being in Align to Attract Academy for less than 4 weeks and applying Kayla's frameworks and expert advice I've had more engagement and inquiries into my program than I did over the last 8 months.

AAA Alum

What the women are saying

This program follows my signature framework to help you attract clients with ease:


The first step is all about business foundations. Identify your ideal client, narrow your niche, learn sustainable mindset strategies, and prepare to reignite the passion you have for your business


Get excited as dream clients start filling your DM's! Learn how to convert leads into clients and retain clients with a top-tier client experience


Now it's time to build and refine your signature offer (or offer suite!). You'll learn how to create irresistible offers that increase your profitability & impact


My personal favorite: Marketing! Use attraction marketing to build community, create authentic content and sell your offers with messaging that actually resonates

what the women are saying

Nicole W.

I can't say enough good things about Align to Attract Academy. I am not the same business owner that I was 3 months ago before the program started. I am much more grounded in who I want to serve, why, and how to go about setting my business up for success. My absolute favorite part of AAA is the opportunity to learn from and work directly with Kayla. The training videos included in AAA are fantastic and so incredibly informative. AAA is unlike any other program I have ever seen or considered investing in. Kayla is so genuinely supportive, transparent, and authentic. When you work with Kayla you can tell she genuinely wants you to succeed and she is always willing to be available to help support you or help you learn. Having the opportunity to do detailed coaching sessions with Kayla plus, upload my content for her to review it in between calls, left me feeling so incredibly supported and helped me learn so much.

AAA Alum

Whats Included

(12) Weekly Group Coaching Calls to learn in community, receive real-time coaching & explore essential marketing & mindset topics

Access to our AAA Online Portal with over 35 powerful training videos covering key topics from business foundations, mindset, content, marketing, messaging, offer creation, sales & so much more

(3) 1:1 Calls with Kayla to receive intimate, customized support as you apply learned strategies in your unique business (VIP Students Only)

Daily Slack Channel Support to ask questions, receive support, and connect with your fellow group members

Access to the entire Authentically Kay Resource Vault which includes templates, resources & checklists to guide your growth through the duration of the program and beyond

Weekly Feedback & Review Submission to receive personalized feedback from Kayla (VIP Students Only) 

what the women are saying

Teresa C.

Kayla is legit a rockstar Marketing Coach…literally, everything I imagined she would be when I got to know her on the ‘gram, but then a WHOLE LOT more. I feel so supported & like I have her in my back pocket right now. Not kidding. I wasn’t expecting the amount of detail and care she would put into me and my journey as a coach and if I could shout it from the rooftops about how it feels to work with Kayla I WOULD! I feel more confident in what I’m bringing to the table and DO feel worthy of this business and what I can do with it.

AAA Alum

Imagine This

This is possible for you. The only thing you need to do is decide that your time is now.

You have a profitable, scalable, ready-to-sell offer suite that aligns with your purpose AND delivers a big transformation

You feel confident selling with ease because when you show up, your ideal client does too!

You've found YOUR voice & know exactly how to serve YOUR ideal client, which has led to a new sense of confidence

Creating content is simple & FUN because your messaging is clear & you know exactly what your ideal client needs support with

You embody the highest version of yourself and make decisions that align with the CEO you aspire to be

You feel like the main character of your story - you're an expert who provides value, period!

Includes 1:1 support.
3-month and 4-month payment plans are available.


The VIP Experience

Let’s Do It

I'm calling you IN. It's time to take up space in the online business world. You are worthy. You are capable. Your dream clients are waiting for you. Make a decision today that will set you up for success long-term.
xo, Kayla


Group-Only Access

THis program enrolls on a rolling basis. you will select your start date in the application. OUR WEEKLY GROUP CALLS are HELD ON TUESDAYS AT 10AM PST / 1PM EST.


Does not include 1:1 calls or client review portal.
 3-month payment plan available.


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