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Re-align with your business and increase your revenue by implementing authentic social media strategies (without the burnout).



Grow your business. Start within.

Social (Soul)utions is an 8-week holistic group coaching program teaching women entrepreneurs how to grow their business using social media, in a way that feels aligned with their soul. Get ready, we start on February 1, 2022.

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Traditional business education doesn’t teach you that in order to succeed, you need to start within. That’s where I come in. We’ll go deep. We’ll be intentional. We’ll be strategic. We’ll bring out the best version of YOU while we grow your business on the ‘gram. 

Social (Soul)utions takes my method of business + social media + wellness coaching to help you find alignment in your biz and grow your brand in a way that feels GOOD.

I was exhausted. I was uninspired. I was confused. I had little time for friends or family. I was ready to throw in the towel. (Does this sound a little too familiar?)

Then, something shifted in me. I realized the intense burnout I was experiencing wasn’t due to my overworking - it was a result of feeling out of alignment with the direction I was headed, with little intention or strategy. 

I took a step back, focused on the parts of my business that brought me joy, and pivoted. 

Using my 5 years of digital marketing experience, I’ve implemented authentic social media strategies to efficiently grow my business, while making more time for self-care practices.

Now, I’m more aligned than I’ve ever been.

I dove headfirst into entrepreneurship, with no idea where it would take me (some would call it naive, I call it trusting my intuition). Upon launching Authentically Kay, I immediately fell into hustle culture and found myself working 7-days a week, around the clock, to grow my business.

(but you can call me Kay)

Hey there, I’m Kayla this you?

You’re running your business full-time, but you aren’t seeing the results you’d like to. You want to tap into the power of social media marketing, but where the hell do you start?

You want MORE for your business. Things are going well, but you’re completely burnt out.

You feel guilty when you take days off or don’t show up on Instagram. You envy women who have found “work-life balance”

You don’t wake up excited to conquer your day because you’re out of alignment. You haven’t figured out how to run YOUR business YOUR way. You may as well still be at your 9-5!

You’re listening to every “expert” you follow and are succumbing to conflicting social media advice. You’re wasting valuable time DIY-ing when you could be investing in one value-packed course that is customized for your business. 

You’ve hit a wall. You rarely find time for self-care, which has impacted your ability to show up for yourself. You’re rolling with the punches and taking it day by day, with no real intention or strategy. 

You aren’t converting leads through your content. You rarely receive inquiries through Instagram because you’re guessing what and when to post. 

You crave community. You’re eager to build the business of your dreams but no one wants to do that alone. You’d thrive alongside other soulful women who dream big and practice balance. 

Nicole W.

I so enjoyed Kayla's coaching style and her gentle and encouraging approach to learning about how to effectively manage my social media. I learned so much about strategic ways to market myself while also finding a balance for what felt authentic for me. Kayla always went out of her way to teach me whatever topic I was interested in and she always took the time to make sure I understood it and felt confident to do it on my own.

What the women are saying

Program Curriculum

Module 1: The foundations of your biz

Lesson 1

Your Service, Industry & Audience - getting clear on WHAT you’re selling, WHO you’re selling to and WHY they should buy

Lesson 2

Unique Selling Proposition - what sets you apart from others in your industry?

Lesson 3

Intentional Goal Setting - setting intentions for the program and for the evolution of your biz (insert: manifestation)

Module 2: Your Mindset Affects Your Growth 

Lesson 1

Acknowledging Limiting Beliefs - exercises to accept what’s holding you back in order to move forward

Lesson 2

Your Energy is Everything - how your energy & personality type impact your client relationships & your business’s ability to grow

Lesson 3

Affirmations In Business - creating affirmations to combat imposter syndrome, comparison and negative thoughts daily

Module 3: Creating an Instagram Strategy that Converts - Part 1

Lesson 1

Set Yourself Up for Sucess - optimizing your profile setup and bio to instantly attract new leads

Lesson 2

Content is QUEEN - implementing an organized & well-rounded content calendar with a strategy that will convert 

Module 4: Creating an Instagram Strategy that Converts - Part 2

Lesson 1

Leveraging Video to Grow Your Brand - learn how to effectively use video content to connect with your audience and secure new clients

Lesson 2

Captions & Community - create captions that sell your service while learning natural ways to engage with and grow your community

Lesson 3

The Efficient Entrepreneur - time-saving strategies to implement to maximize efficiency and spend less time on the ‘gram (#goals)

Module 5: Routines & Rituals of an Aligned Entrepreneur 

Lesson 1

Habits for Sucess as a Biz Owner - how to implement routines & rituals to show up as your best for your business

Lesson 2

Implementing Self Care When You’re Booked & Busy - making time for yourself in a world that rewards hustle

Lesson 3

Burnout? We Don’t Know Her… Anymore - identifying and monetizing the parts of your business that bring you joy…& leaving the rest behind

Module 6: Selling Authentically on Instagram

Lesson 1

Preparing for your next big launch - it’s time to debut the new YOU. Implement your refreshed content strategy & SELL your key offer or product

Lesson 2

Content Batching & Timing - how to successfully launch in 30 days

Lesson 3

Taking Leads from Mild to Spicy - COMMUNITY over everything. Nurturing your customer journey to continually secure leads and increase your revenue

Week 1

Welcome Wine Down,
FEBRUARY 1, 2022

Week 2

Module 1,
FEBRUARY 8, 2022

Week 3

Module 2,
FEBRUARY 15, 2022

Week 4

Module 3,
FEBRUARY 22, 2022

Week 5

Module 4,
MARCH 1, 2022

Week 6

Office Hours,
MARCH 8, 2022

Week 7

Module 5,
MARCH 15, 2022

Week 8

Module 6,
MARCH 22, 2022

Program Schedule

*If you miss a live coaching session, don’t worry! You will have access to the replay.

Ashley G.

What the women are saying

This program has been a big breath of fresh air. I was going up against burnout and this program has allowed me to let go and begin just being creative again. Another win is learning I can build the business I WANT and not build it around what I should do.

Whats Included

(6) 75-min live coaching sessions with value-packed lessons & replay access (Value: $2,250) 
(1) 60-min Q+A office hour session (Value: $250)
(1) Optional virtual wellness event (Value: $99)
Accountability group via Telegram 
Weekly homework assignments + journal prompts (Value: $750)
Transformation worksheet to monitor goals & progress (Value: $750)
Content calendar template (Value: $299)
BONUS: Additional 1:1 coaching session for VIP paid-in-full students 



Invest in yourself

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Your business doesn't run if you're run-down. This program will equip you with the tools to better align with your business from the inside out. Stop second guessing yourself. Start here.

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